Site Tools for SharePoint
Lite: Free, Standard: 45 $/mo.
New Site Tools is a browser based system that will turn complex SharePoint tasks to a few mouse clicks. It is simple, smart and lightweight. It runs from the cloud, so you can use it anywhere and anytime. Some of the top features are:

  • Edit, create, and delete multiple items at once
  • Create site structures, and save them for later use.
  • Launch from the browser extension, no installation to SharePoint needed.

Watch the intro (about 1 min)

Inspect and change SharePoint properties

Quickly inspect and change site collection content and properties. This is an invaluable aid when developing and maintaining SharePoint.

Play example (1:10 min)

Create new SharePoint items

You can create or modify sites, lists, content types, columns or views. And not just one, Site Tools allows batch jobs. So if you want to add a new list to a hundred different sites, we've got you covered.

Play example (1:14 min)

Create site structures

Perhaps your client needs a complex site structure. No problem. Use our wizard to design your site structure, and deploy it when ready. Or, save the design and use it multiple times.

Play example (2:10 min)

Install Site Tools with your preferred method. Or don't.

We will give you installation options that best fit your needs. Options include a SharePoint add-on, a WSP solution, manual installation, or a Google Chrome extension. You can even launch it directly from a browser console, without any installation.

Feature Site Tools Lite Site Tools
Inspect properties Yes Yes
Filter sites and lists Yes Yes
Change properties of multiple lists Max 3 items Yes
Change properties of multiple sites No Yes
Create lists to multiple sites Max 3 items Yes
Create views to multiple lists Max 3 items Yes
Add columns to multiple lists Max 3 items Yes
Add content types to multiple lists Max 3 items Yes
Add multiple sites No Yes
Delete multiple sites No Yes
Delete multiple lists Max 3 items Yes
Create site structures with the wizard No Yes
Use it as a SharePoint hosted app Yes Yes
Use it as a WSP solution No Yes
Manual installation to SharePoint No Yes
Launch from a browser (Chrome) extension No Yes
Launch from a browser console No Yes

Frequently Asked Questions

It will simplify complex and time-consuming tasks. For example, imagine that you need to add a new column to one-hundred document libraries. With Site Tools, this can be achieved in minutes. We don't know any other tool that can do the same.
We support SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint online (Office 365). Modern browsers are supported, including IE10 and better, Chrome, Safari and Firefox.
Yes. Security is our primary concern. To ensure this, we have done the following:
  • The application does not send any SharePoint site-related data to us. All tasks are handled directly between the browser and SharePoint.
  • We do not store your SharePoint data. Only user login information is stored to allow authorization
  • The application has (at maximum) the same access rights as the current SharePoint user.
  • Access is granted only to selected users
  • We do not store passwords. Users will use their SharePoint, Microsoft or Google accounts to gain access.
  • We do not store credit card information. Your information is stored securely with our payment gateway provider (
  • We use SSL where applicable, and encourage our customers to use it as well.
No. Site Tools does not collect your SharePoint data, with the exception of user login information. Most of the traffic is between your browser and SharePoint API, meaning that it is never even sent to us. Your data belongs to you, and we want to keep it that way.
Browse to the preferred site collection, open a browser console (F12), and insert the launch script. After that, you can use all Site Tools features. The application runs in the browser, so nothing is installed on your environment.
Certainly. We are working hard to make Site Tools the best option for maintaining SharePoint. As it is maintained in the cloud, all new features and fixes are automatically applied.